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Sketches, works in progress, and finished pieces of all kinds.

There’s no way I could let Karkat’s “you coddle and care for him like a bitch" comment go unhypocritical.

Sollux has a kit for horn grooming Karkat uses.  Scraping horns on furniture will dull the corners and leave behind flakes, dust, and a this grimy film.

I miss constantly drawing these idiots.


There will be some in between panels for some of these, so it’ll end up being two parts.

Finishes on the lovely aristotels’ Solkat sketches from yesterday.

I really wanted to do some color experiments and whatnot and this was just too fun.  Like it hardly actually registers to me that these are nsfw cause all I can focus on is the posing and shapes and her lovely style. <3

Tinysol and Barakat~ Bottom is them as kids and then grown up.  Sollux was a dick about being taller than Karkat and then whoaaaa.


I’m almost done with the sprite sketches.  I have about 120 sprites planned for the demo alone.


Humanstuck solkat or any other pairing you like?
I love these idiots.

Someone dropped a request in my main. XD

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Drew this for my lady~

Drew this for my lady~

Some humanstuck.  I changed how I draw Sollux’s nose and it’s soooo much better.

I have one humanstuck headcanon where they’re all Indian because why the fuck not.  Those are my little color pallet faces as I often do when working out character colors.

Third set is for ask-2olkat.