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Comic by zamii070

It took me for freakin ever to get this thing uploaded. >C Finally like three hours later it’s friggin online.

Comic by fraymotif

Doing some comic dubs while I take my break from people.

Tumblr is being a butt, so I had to upload this to youtube.

Anyhooz, I’ve been dying to dub this one for a while actually.  Also it’s a prime example of what happens when my bro isn’t around for me to get Dave lines from, which means I had to be everyone.

Comic by zamii070


(And we seem to be back.  Becca has finally gotten the ever so mysterious grasp on buffers)

So I’m getting a good buffer going for truthordarestuck since I plan on having at least some regular weekly updates now that I’m back in CA.  Tried giving my Vriska voice a warm up for this one.

Guess who actually wrote some dialogue for an rp she liked and then 5 am’d a quieter than normal Karkat voice?

This lady right here. *points to self*

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Condesce, meenah, and Fef: reasonpeason

Art from: Ask the Heiress

(Source: wtreasonpeason)