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Sketches, works in progress, and finished pieces of all kinds.

These are my favorites of the blood swaps I did along with yesterday’s brown blooded Equius.  I’m having fun with it, that’s for sure.


I’m almost done with the sprite sketches.  I have about 120 sprites planned for the demo alone.

So I’m gearing up to start some cosplay and I’m just trying my body type on some characters to see how I like it and how to make it work.  

>Can we see what everyone was wearing for the holidays?






D—> What do I even do with you.


Im A mOtHeRfUcKiN rEiNdEeR :oD






Everyone Is Dressed So Nice!  This Never Happens!


I can’t lo+o+k, ho+w bad is it?

So+me Peo+ple Just Sho+uldn’t Be Allo+wed To+ Dress Their Children…

So hey, check it.  It’s one of the couple of reasons I haven’t been posting a thing. :D

My favorite will always be ironic holiday Striders with Easter Bunny Bro and Solkat sweaters.

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Drew all the faces of the trolls.  Put them out of order, see if you can tell who each of them are.

Will mean I did a good job. B|

Some more future fic sketches.

artists! reblog and show me how you sketch!




Don’t show me how you finish, show me where you begin and don’t take it any farther than that.

This is how I’d, ideally, like to sketch. Sometimes I go from “loose” to just inking, but I’ve found good results planning out what I draw, but trying to keep it free and think with the drawing.

So please! Reblog and talk about your sketching process/share your sketches.

scribbly-ass basics, I always start with the head. Allyn knitting seemed like a fitting subject for this.

Start to refine, block out basic body shapes, get the general gesture of the pose down

Refine further, add details, but keep pretty sketchy until inking to maintain spontaneity of line. Usually at this point I Google some references, but with this I stopped giving a shit about his legs and just winged it, which is probably excruciatingly obvious.

I start by drawing the head, hips and shoulders.  I usually block in the body shape because I’ve found it helps in larger or odder shaped characters.  Then the basic idea for where I want the arms and legs to go.

Ears, arm and leg forms, hands, where the horns are going to go.  Also boobs.  Cause I just really REALLY wanted to draw some glorious boobs.

Face, volume to horns, hair, and adjustments to the forms.

If it’s too messy, I pretty it up.  I also decided I want her bulge to be out.  I also like drawing nipples on my trolls.  Also toes, knees, fingers.

I shade some areas for my own visual tastes.  And there we are.

Reblogging since I like how the progress sketch junk went actually.  Also this is a nifty post.

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Some progress shots, I’m liking how my seadwellers are looking. <3 Redesigned their fins/ears

I got this ask over on my nsfw blog a bit ago and decided to copy it over to my art bagel.  There are nude drawings under the cut.

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