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A redraw of a picture I did 8 years ago:

A redraw of a picture I did 8 years ago:

Now who gave this asshole permission to be so pretty.  Because it wasn’t me, but here he is.  Hot middle aged teacher Signless.

Now who gave this asshole permission to be so pretty.  Because it wasn’t me, but here he is.  Hot middle aged teacher Signless.

Stiiiiill working on YAKV sprites.  I’m loving how Meenah is turning out so far and Disciple is my most recent one finished. QuQ Slowly but surely working through the one-sprite characters~

I like the headcanon that trolls need to groom their horns or they become uncomfortable and itchy and flake and junk and some will like rub them against doorways and junk.

Kankri has to pretty much hold Psiioniic down to groom them already.

There’s two phases to their relationship in my mind.  Unstable Psiioniic where he’s out of his mind and regressed back to being the douchey kid he was (Mituna classic) and then stable Psiioniic where he comes to terms with not being a space ship anymore and that he’s alive and everyone he cared about was dead and shit.

I like both options in this relationship.  Both equally piss off Kankri in the right circumstances.

I imagine this is how all Captors move when they decide something, but they were in some sort of resting position.

This was gonna be another Kriioniic where Kankri is pissed and Psiioniic is all “well maybe you’ll understand when I die before you do and you move on” or something, but then I drew the couch thing and decided I’m not gonna ruin it with poor characterization and that inflatable raft smell.

AU where Beforan and Alternian trolls occupy an Alternia where Feferi overthrows the Condesce and begins releasing trolls from slave and prison positions.  Psiioniic (alive) is released from powering a ship and he spends some of his days sitting on the sidewalk staring into space with his burnt out powers.

AU where Kankri is walking around and Psiioniic is like “It’s baby Signless what” and emotes all over him.  AU where Kankri doesn’t know how to handle this, the sun is rising and this big adult troll is simultaneously angry at him and hysterical.  Kankri drags him home, pushes this hobo troll (trobo?) into the ablution trap and Psiioniic doesn’t get what his intentions are.

Kankri is pretty pale for him right away and is more distressed and stupid about it than he should be.  Cue quadrant clusterfuck and Psiioniic returning to adult-troll mental state while maintaining Mituna levels of douchebaggery.

I dub this ship the SS Kriioniic.  And by ship I mean one of those inflatable rafts.  I brought like a package of oreos, this ship will survive well.

Read through RPG World this week.  Felt like drawing Cherry.

The top is the sketches I sent the buyer to choose from.  They originally commissioned me for one piece, but decided they wanted a second one and chose #3 for flat color and #5 for full color.

Bottom is a detail shot (100% zoom).  I love their faces in that one.

Commission Info

Here’s a pair of commissions I just finished~ Had a load of fun with them. <3

Commission Info