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Sketches, works in progress, and finished pieces of all kinds.

Continuing drawing the characters with my body type~

Also some props I can’t wait to try making… I kind of want to get a handle on some retractable claws for Nepeta~

>Can we see what everyone was wearing for the holidays?






D—> What do I even do with you.


Im A mOtHeRfUcKiN rEiNdEeR :oD






Everyone Is Dressed So Nice!  This Never Happens!


I can’t lo+o+k, ho+w bad is it?

So+me Peo+ple Just Sho+uldn’t Be Allo+wed To+ Dress Their Children…

So hey, check it.  It’s one of the couple of reasons I haven’t been posting a thing. :D

My favorite will always be ironic holiday Striders with Easter Bunny Bro and Solkat sweaters.

(via whtwlf)

I swear, the last time I’ll post my stupid voice.  I think I got all my va need out by doing the voice acting meme.

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Some more sketches for the fan fiction I’m planning on writing soon. :D Having fun working with a closer to canon style too. :3

All but the last one are for the first three chapters or so.  I’m proud of the smoldering wreckage that is Aradia’s hive~

The last one is unrelated to the fic stuff and was me being drunk and wanting to draw ship art for aristotels since it’s her birthday. :D

Doing a series of drawings. :3 I also particularly am enjoying Sollux with his throwing stars. X3

Tumblr is being a butt, so I had to upload this to youtube.

Anyhooz, I’ve been dying to dub this one for a while actually.  Also it’s a prime example of what happens when my bro isn’t around for me to get Dave lines from, which means I had to be everyone.

Comic by zamii070

All that and more~

Some sketches for upcoming asks because starting Monday, truthordarestuck is back. :D

Also some commission concepts because lololol.